Gibson Goose Lil' Snuggler

Gibson Goose Lil' Snuggler

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Douglas Gibson Goose Lil' Snuggler!


It’s a sunny day at the farm and Gibson the Goose Snuggler stuffed animal is the perfect friend to show Baby around the barnyard!  This cuddly Goose has been crafted in delectably soft plush materials and trimmed with smooth satin edging to cater to your little one’s sense of touch. The blue striped pattern down Gibson’s belly adds further intrigue, while his facial details and his friend Arlo the Bluebird are depicted in baby-safe embroidery. A charming pair of wings flop gently at Gibson’s sides and are lined with a soothing pastel orange color. Enjoy this Snuggler on its own or match it with other accessories from our Gibson the Goose collection!

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Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 5 in

Birth & Up


13" Square


(33 cm)



Baby Collection

Gibson Goose