Offering New Lines of Leo George Leather Bracelets- Fashion with Bracelets that Support a Cause

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Looking for a new way to spread awareness on helping a cause that is important to you, or for a special piece to showcase your love for your pets, the beach, or favorite holiday? Leo George is a high quality leather accessories brand that focuses on and represents style, adventure, travel, and giving back, which represent all passions of their founder, Laura MacDonald. The idea for the Leo George Bracelet line began when the founder Laura wanted to come up with a unique way to raise money for a charity. Leo George’s colorful variety of bracelets and bracelets that support a cause that are made from high quality leather and paired with a detachable magnetic clasp for ease and comfort.

Laura has participated in many different charitable causes and challenges from starting this brand, such as hiking to Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu, and her involvement in animal rescue services just to name a few. Laura “Believes In Something; and Owns it Now.”  This central concept is demonstrated across her various selection of bracelets that serve as an inspiring and sentimental gift that both men and women can admire and wear. She based the brand name in dedication of her late father, with a bison logo to symbolize strength and devotion to family. These bracelets will remind you that "whatever you dream of, whatever your passion is, know that you can make it happen if you own it now!" The Front Porch offers a wide array of colors and designs produced by Leo George bracelets on our website, and many more if you choose to pop into our shop and browse the store and try them on.

The Ireland Collection 🍀

The styles we offer come in single wrap, 3 wrap, both with classic and textured leather that are a stylistic complement for just every day to formal outfits, and the women’s collection feature a vast variety of sterling silver charms that will resonate with you or the person who is receiving the gift every time they wear it. We are now selling Leo George’s Ireland Collection, that feature shades of green leather with charms like the Celtic Cross, Lucky 4-Leaf Clover, Celtic Triad, Celtic Knot, and the Lucky Horsehoe. These are stylish and subtle ways to show off your holiday spirit for St. Patty’s Day and to bring luck with you wherever you are. This edition is great for any time of year, and are selling fast! 


Leo George Ireland Collection

Street Dog Collection 🐾

In addition, there is another line that’s fantastic for any dog lover called the “Street Dog Collection.” With charms of dog breeds featuring the Beagle, Cavalier King Charles, Corgi, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Jack Russel Terrier, Labrador, Poodle, and Rottweiler, are the perfect fit for anyone who loves their pet, or a sentimental gift for someone who may have lost their 4-legged friend. The Street Dog Collection also supports a great cause, with 10% of the sale proceeds being donated to World Vets to help take care of street dogs around the world! “Love the abandoned, Save the wounded, Rescue the mistreated, Adopt the homeless,” with this unique collection.


Street Dog Collection - Bracelets That Support a CauseLeo George Street Dog

Beach Collection 🏝️

Another popular line sold here at The Front Porch, can be viewed on our website is Leo George’s Beach Collection. These come in a variety of pastel colors, with many shade of blues, turquoise, and sandy peaches. This style features intricate metal works on these small charms that make the sea turtles, seashells, sharks, and palm trees, making a fashion statement by drawing attention to your wrists. With the brand Leo George being centralized around the idea capturing dreams, these are great for great graduation, birthday, or retirement gifts who love spending sunny days on the beach or in the ocean. 

Leo George supplies much more than jewelry, but also has bracelets that support other great causes, such as: the CRUSH Cancer Bracelet, World Vets, Sending Love to Ukraine, and The Sea Turtle Bracelet which all donate a portion to their respective causes. These leather bracelets are statement pieces that spark conversation when wearing something you’re passionate about. Many of these charities Laura has had the opportunity to take part in, and which gives you a chance to see her passion and love in these carefully crafted designs.


Leo George BeachLG Beach

Catch Laura at HVEF's Event Later this Month! 

Laura will be joining The Front Porch for a fundraiser to support Hopewell Valley’s Education Foundation on Sunday, March 26th, located at Cobblestone Country Club from 11am-3pm. You can find more information on this luncheon & fashion show event on the hvef website, and make sure to check out our Leo George bracelets that support a cause product offerings both in-store and on our website.