Smathers and Branson: A Socially Responsible Style Choice for Anyone October 7, 2016 – Posted in: Newsletter


The name may be unfamiliar, but many of our customers are sure to recognize the signature needlepoint products offered by Smathers and Branson. While they started with belts, the business has grown to include products such as key fobs, hats, dog collars, and more! At The Front Porch, we currently have the gorgeous needlepoint key fobs, hats and card cases; to help every customer accessorize to their hearts desire. Whether it be a university hat to celebrate graduation, one of our brand new, custom-made “08534” key fobs, or a gift for anyone on your list, Smathers and Branson and your friends at The Front Porch have you covered- in style!

picture1The idea for Smathers and Branson was formed by two roommates at Bowdoin College in 2004, after each received a needlepoint belt as a gift from their respective girlfriends at the time, they knew they were on to something. The operation, as so many do, began in a garage. Soon, founders Peter and Austin (pictured at left) found themselves searching for a better way to supply their newfound market with an amount of belts that could reasonably match the demand they discovered. This is where the company truly distinguishes itself, as it took the search for skilled artisans to Vietnam. This may seem like a typical step for a growing company, but the fashion in which they create their high-fashion products is what is truly amazing. Smathers and Branson is 100% a cottage industry, meaning that all of their employees in Vietnam work from home to complete the products that we as consumers know and love, while still having the flexibility to support their families during each rice harvest. A method that started with just one village and approximately one hundred workers has grown to encompass dozens of villages, and improved the quality of life throughout each of the villages year after year.

We at The Front Porch are proud to be carrying a product line like Smathers and Branson; that demonstrates such a commitment to caring for and giving back to others. We invite all of our customers and friends to come in to see our entire selection of Smathers and Branson, and walk out with a new, stylish accessory that everyone can feel good about.