Sustainable Honey Products at The Front Porch

If you are looking for a way to add the finishing touch on your next charcuterie board, tea, or are in the market for someone who has fallen ill and is in need of a nutritional boost, have a great selection of products from Savannah Bee Company that are great for yourself or for any social gathering. For those with a sweet tooth looking for a healthier alternative to sugars, honey is a perfect fit to fill that undeniable craving. Our store has a variety of items to suit your needs, whether you’re interested in flavored honey jars, honeycomb, lotions, and wellness products, Savannah Bee’s products are craftily infused. Savannah Bee is a sustainable honey products company who specializes in artisanal honey and other honey-based products, who are known for producing high-quality mixes-  we’ve got exactly what you need, all sourced from sustainable beekeepers from around the world.

Savannah Bee is centered around prioritizing colonies so that bees can continue their sacred work of building hives, pollinating flowers, powering our food supply, and spreading beauty-  they understand that climate change, pesticides, and other threats to the bees’ fragile ecosystems also affect humanity and know that healthy bees make for a healthy planet. Saving the bees remains Savannah Bee Company’s highest priority. Bees are essential to the fragile ecosystem all over the planet, which is why every aspect of their work is focused on maintaining the health of each and individual bee, and each individual hive. 

Savannah Bee prides itself on using sustainable and responsible practices in their production processes, and they source their honey from beekeepers who practice natural and humane beekeeping methods. It is important for the buyer to understand the transparency behind the companies operations in order to be able to trust that what they are getting is pure. 

One of Savannah Bee's most popular products that we offer is their honeycomb, a raw form extracted straight from the hive that is full of nutrients and bursting with fresh flavor. In addition, we also offer a variety of flavored honey products, including lavender honey, tupelo honey, and various hot honey products to add a little flair into your palette and your recipes. If you’re looking to spice things up a notch, their hot honey is a great way to spike up your morning tea or vitalize your libations at your next dinner party.

Love seasonal items like Pumpkin Spice in the fall or freshly infused lavender in the spring? We do too! Add an extra layer of flavor on your palette with a little dash of sweetness. We offer both raw and whipped honey- whipped honey, also known as creamed honey, has several benefits over traditional liquid honey. It is both smoother and creamier, making it easier to spread and mix into drinks and recipes. Uniquely, It also has a longer shelf life and provides great texture for indulging straight off the spoon!

If your love for honey is next level, reap the benefits in a different way. We stock a distinct range of body-care products saturated with honey and other naturally sourced ingredients. These products include body butter, lip balm, and hand cream, among others if you are in the market for a healthy source of moistruization. From the hive to your skin, rejuvenate the way Mother Nature intended.

You can also purchase honey to create a hand-crafted mixture in the comfort of your own home similar to your everyone’s favorite: wine. It’s called mead, and if you haven’t heard of mead, it’s a simple process that involves honey, flavorings, water, and yeast which follows a natural fermentation process which produces a wine-like drink that is solely created from its own natural sweetness. Mead is a fun and interesting alternative to your traditional glass of wine. The fermentation process takes about 10-20 days and can age for 3-6 months- it’s a different way to try something you never have thought of before!

Savannah Bee’s honey is a versatile ingredient that can be paired with cured meats, cheeses, crafted cocktails, glazed over your favorite chicken wings, or to add a layer of flavor to teas and desserts. You even lather up in layer of moisture during the cold months with their moisturizers.Savannah Bee Company’s products is the perfect gift for yourself, and those you love. 

Savannah Bee offers a range of high-quality honey and honey-based products that are both delicious and sensational. For more on sustainable honey products at The Front Porch, and to view our product selection, click here for for more details.