Easter Jellycats Are On the Way!

The clocks have turned and Spring is just around the corner!  With your favorite peeps, chocolates, and all these seasonal goodies are right around the corner, and The Front Porch storefront and from website NJ is proud to offer a delightful collection of spring-themed stuffed animals! One of our biggest sellers, your next new beloved friend, Jellycats! A brand that has gained a reputation for producing high-quality and adorable stuffed animals, is here to bring the love and comfort this spring. With your favorite tree climbers, high flyers, and land-crawlers,  their spring-themed collection is no exception. These charming animals are perfect for children and adults alike, making them an excellent addition to any Easter basket or springtime gift.

One of our favorites and one of the most popular items in the collection is named the Bashful Bunny, This plush bunny is made from the softest fur and has long floppy ears that make it perfect for cuddling. Its pastel pink color and sweet expression make it an excellent addition to any child's Easter basket! The Bashful Bunny comes in various sizes, from a small 7-inch version to a large 20-inch version, making it perfect for children of all ages. Even for those who still love a large stuffed animal.

Another popular item in the collection is the Chick Book. This book is perfect for children who love to read and learn about animals. The book features colorful illustrations of chicks and other animals that are common in the spring. The Chick Book is made with durable materials, ensuring that it will last through many spring seasons.

Beyond the Bashful Bunny and Chick Book, The Front Porch website from NJ also offers a variety of other spring-themed Jellycat stuffed animals. For those looking for a perfect Easter Basket gift, the Blossom Bunny is another popular item that is perfect for Easter baskets. This bunny has a soft pink body and white ears, and its floral dress makes it even more adorable. The Blossom Bunny comes in various sizes, including a 7-inch version and a 12-inch version.The Springtime Bunny is another Jellycat stuffed animal that is perfect for the season. This bunny has a unique design that features a floral print on its ears and feet. The Springtime Bunny is made with soft fur, making it perfect for cuddling, and it comes in various sizes, from a small 7-inch version to a large 20-inch version.

For those looking outside of the bunny’s burrow, the Duckling and Lamb are two other Jellycat stuffed animals that are perfect for the upcoming spring season, where these adorable stuffed animals have a classic design that captures the essence of spring. The sweet Duckling is made with bright yellow fur and has a cute orange beak, while the Lamb has a fluffy white body and soft pink ears. Who doesn’t want to cuddle with one of these cuties? The Springtime Chick is another Jellycat stuffed animal that is just right for this season as it’s soft yellow body and a cute orange beak, and its floral dress adds an extra touch of springtime charm.

All of these spring-themed Jellycat stuffed animals are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring that they will last through many spring seasons. They are perfect for children who love to cuddle and play, as well as adults who want to add a touch of springtime charm to their home decor with an extra air of fun.

In addition to their adorable designs, Easter Jellycat stuffed animals are also known for their safety and durability. All of the materials used to make Jellycat stuffed animals are tested for safety and comply with international safety standards. The stuffed animals are tested and designed to be durable, ensuring that they can withstand many hours of play and cuddling.

Your favorite store, The Front Porch from NJ has a beautiful hand-crafted selecion of themed Jellycat stuffed animals that are perfect for all ages With new characters and items that debut every season, you’ll always be able to stay in the loop with your new fun friends! In this new 2023 spring season, from bunnies to chicks, lambs to ducks and more, each stuffed animal is made with the softest materials that features playful, whimsical designs that capture the essence of spring. These stuffed animals make excellent gifts for Easter, birthdays, and any other occasion. So, why not add a touch of springtime charm to you with Jellycats, sold exclusively at the Front Porch in Pennington, New Jersey, come stop in today! You can view our Easter jellycats by clicking on the hyperlink!