Catching up with Chris- Coffee with Chris From March So Far: Spring Gifts to Add to Your Gift List

Coffee With Chris March 8th, 2023

It’s daylight savings, and time has flown by! It’s crazy to think about springtime when skies are grey and you’re waking up to snow on the ground, but we are here to get you into spring spirits by letting you know what’s new to our store. You don’t want to miss these spring gifts to add to your gift list!

March 8th was National Women’s Day, and just like Small Business Saturday isn’t just one day out of the year, neither is National Women’s Day- here are some goodies for the women in your life, and some house warming gifts just in time for the spring season!

Saint Patricks Day

We have a few Saint Patricks Day greeting cards left! Chris and Karen are always on the hunt for fun and funky cards to pair with the perfect gift! We are also offering a few varieties of Saint Patrick’s Day hostess napkins to pair with the stunning Mariposa napkin boxes that are hand crafted and polished from recycled aluminum. And as we are always promoting in-store, we have our greeting card and napkin card clubs, where for every ten you buy you get one free! Trust us and our customers when we say that points on your punch card rack up fast!

New From Leo George

We just received Leo George’s Ireland Collection just in time for you to have the perfect green accessory for St. Patrick’s Day! Leo George’s colorful variety of bracelets are made from high quality leather paired with a detachable magnetic clasp for easy-on and taking off, and their deep shades of green with silver polished charms are perfect for Saint Patricks’s Day and any time of year! You can read more about Leo George in our dedicated blog post. And remember, if you can’t find a bracelet in your size or charm selection, we can always custom order what you’re looking for! 

New From Mariposa: 

For pickle ball players or for those who know them, we now have the Pickle Ball Mariposa napkin box set! If you already have the Mariposa napkin box, you can add the pickle ball racket napkin weight to your collection. We are also offering two new statement frames for your friends with a beach house, or those just simply love the shore. The statement trays are “Beach house” and “Every summer has a story.” Pairing these frames with a picture of the perfect memory is a heart felt, customized, and irreplaceable gift anyone is bound to love.

Coffee with Chris March 3, 2023

The winter holidays may have past, but we most recently celebrated our yearly survival dinner. We hold our yearly survival dinner for making it through the holiday season, toasting to the friends of the front porch, Chris, Karen, and our staff. It is our symbol of another successful year and making in a time where everyone is working a moving component of our business that cohesively contribute to delivering a quality service.

An update on Brighton’s Selection

Lines at Brighton are discontinuing! If you are looking on snatching a new bag, bracelet, or key fob now is your perfect opportunity to get 30% off on Brighton’s newly retired lines that we still have in stock.

New Products from Savannah

We newly introduced Savannah Bee to the Front Porch in our open house last October. You have seen us showcase their hot honey, and we now offer their hot honey in both their 3oz and 12oz sizes. It’s a great a great way to spice up your chicken and salmon recipes! 

For those who are looking to make the perfect charcuterie board for their next gathering, the Honey for Cheese 12oz bottle is perfect for you! And, we now offer honey pumps for our 12oz jars. The pumps are the best way for pouring honey into your tea with our newly offered Tea for Honey 12oz Jar. No mess, no stress! It’s an easy way to add the right amount of sweetness to your tea and coffee in the morning.

Some other new Savannah Bee honey products beyond our liquid and whipped honey collection include the lavender and honey almond hand creams, and their ‘best in the world’ bee pollen- it’s the perfect multivitamin filled with minerals, protein, and amino acids that support your immune system. Find out more about the Savannah Bee Company, and our product selection on our website and our dedicated blog post.

For more on spring gifts to add to your wish list, see our recorded livestream in Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube by searching The Front Porch NJ!